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Shields are used for blocking incoming strikes depending on a fighter's skill at blocking, and is an alternative to dodging attacks. Blocking is only used when holding a shield and having a block skill which is greater than dodge. All shields have a DR (damage resistance they can absorb) stat which is offset by a to-hit penalty. Any novice can hide behind a tower shield, but the shield strapped to their arm will slow them down and they won't be able to attack as effectively as they would have without the shield. There are times when dodge characters may want to consider using a shield for the defense against critical strikes if gives them, even with the associated dodge and to-hit penalties.

You can also use your shield to bash enemies and push them away.

Shield statistics:

DR, Hardness, Armor penalty, Sneak penalty, To-Hit penalty, Versus critical (vsCritical), and Versus Range (vsRanged).

Armor Penalty - your shield (just like your armor) reduces your mobility.

Versus Ranged (vsRanged) - shields provide superior protection against all ranged attacks, but certain weapons, like pila (plural of pilum) with 40% chance can go through shields, completely ignoring them.

See also: Combat mechanics

Description DR Hardness Protection vs Penalty Image
Critical Range Armor Sneak THC
Buckler - The lightest style of shield, favored by quick fighters. It has a convex shape designed to ward off blows, allowing for a swift counterattack. Due to its small size, the buckler is useless in unskilled hands. 4 0 10 5 0 0 0 Buckler.png
Cavalry shield - A medium-weight oval shield mostly used by cavalry and auxiliary troops. Oval shields could be found everywhere, from Kemet to Ashkaan. They offer good defence and reasonable mobility. 6 5 15 15 5 1 5 CavalryShield.png
Infantry Shield - A larger, rectangular shield with a slightly curved profile, this piece was designed for slowly advancing legionnaires who would utilize group defensive formations like the famous "turtle". It may be less useful to a lone fighter. 8 10 20 25 10 2 10 InfantryShield.png
Tower Shield - A heavy rectangular shield with a slightly curved profile, the tower shield provides unparalleled protection for a stationary unit, but is cumbersome and unwieldy, severely taxing its owner's mobility and response time. 10 15 25 35 15 3 15 TowerShield.png
Description DR Hardness Protection vs Penalty Image
Critical Range Armor Sneak THC
Swordbreaker - A lightweight metal buckler with improved durability and fancy design. A must have accessory for today's fashionable warrior.

Where to find?

8 30 30 5 0 0 0 Swordbreaker.png
Impenetrable - An infantry shield of recently departed Quintus Sabellius Baro, called the Invincible. Made to his own specifications, this shield features a mix of cutting edge technology and proven design

Where to find?

11 35 35 25 5 5 8 Impenetrable.png