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Sky Minaret Intro

Sky Minaret is one of the locations in Maadoran.

You step into the glow. For a moment, it seems like you're falling, but then you step out on the other side, dizzy and disoriented.

You're standing in a small chamber at the top of a minaret, far above the city. At your feet lie the skeletal remains of a man clad in tattered robes, a strange metal glove still on his right hand. There is an old, faded message on one of the walls.

Turning around, you see a glowing portal, an elevator leading down, and what looks like a large, brightly glowing glass lamp: a glass tube enclosed in a metal cage designed to protect the glass from damage.

Ingress / Egress[ | ]

* - Possibly one way - read note on Large Module if you want to return to this location.

Old, Faded Message[ | ]

Depending on your Lore check:

[success] The message is hastily written; many words are smudged or faded. The magus* was dying from wounds sustained during the attack on his tower, so clarity wasn't at the top of his priorities. "Balzaar attacked ... has fallen. He's too powerful. I couldn't stop him. All my defenses ... He's coming for you ... You must do it before it's too late. Don't hesitate for the price we have already paid is too great. ... wait any longer, there will be nothing left."

[failure] As far as you can tell, the message says something about someone named Balzaar who's grown too powerful and resentful and is urging the unknown recipient to take action before it's too late.

* - The magi's identity is unknown but he probably was not Marcus Domitius Crassus.


According to this possible dialogue between the Inferiae Guardian and the [PC]:

[success] "He isn't my master," says the demon but doesn't advance any further. "What does he want?"

  • [persuasion] "Your master has been slain. Marcus Domitius Crassus is your new master now. He asked me to make sure that everything is running smoothly. So, what happened here?"
  • [streetwise] "What do you think he wants? This tower is falling apart, intruders are coming in waves, and you have the nerve to ask what the great Magus wants. What happened here?"

Gallery[ | ]