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Sneak is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

The art of moving unseen and unnoticed. Sneaking is a very convenient, hassle-free way to visit places that aren't open to general public. Works most profitably with lockpicking.

Difficult* sneaking checks include the following. The numbers are for a skill level that works, the actual requirement may be lower:

-Inn (The Last Meal), (2-5). (These reset if you visit Teron again later in the game.)
-Thessalos's house in Teron's Patricians' Quarters (5).
-Maadoran Inn (5-6)
-Nasir's quest (5).
-The Magic Jar quest (5)
-The Elixir quest (4)
-Temple District Inn, (need help in filling out)
-Commercium building (5) (see: Power Module)