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Streetwise is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

A mix of different traits, ranging from shrewd awareness to inability to trust, that are most helpful when one deals with people a lot.

Skill Level[ | ]

  1. You're able to communicate with other primates.
  2. You’ve discovered that the primates respond better to well-chosen words.
  3. You've learned to string words together for greater oratory effect.
  4. You're learned that it’s easy to fool someone who believes everything you say.
  5. You’ve discovered that people respond best to lies they want to hear.
  6. You’ve learned to play on people’s fears, honor, ambitions, beliefs, and other useful qualities.
  7. It’s not a lie if you believe it.
  8. Some people turn water into wine, you turn lies into truth. Arguably, yours is a more useful talent.
  9. You will make a great ‘used carts’ salesman.
  10. Your ability to manipulate people is uncanny. Keep it up and they will burn you for witchcraft.[1]

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