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Swords - For many, the quintessential warrior's weapons. A versatile tool in the hands of a skilled swordsman, variations of the basic design can be found in every culture, from the sickle blades of Kemet to the massive, two-handed cleavers favoured in Ashkaan.

Characteristics[ | ]

See Weapon Statistics for explanation on: AP; THC Bonus; Passive Chance Bonus; Critical Strike Bonus; Metal; damage resistance; Hardness; Counterattack.

dlgAddItem() Description Common Stats Material: Damage, Hardness Image
110 Gladius - A double-edged short sword designed for thrusting and slashing in close quarters.

Favoured by the Imperial Guard, the gladius is a common sight throughout the remnants of the Empire.

Speed AP 4, THC Bonus 3%
Bronze:5-8, 30%

Iron:6-9, 40%
Steel:7-10, 50%
Blue Steel:8-11, 60%
Meteor Metal:9-12, 70%

111 Khopesh - A sickle sword of Kametian origin.

The khopesh evolved from the crescent-bladed axe, resulting in a versatile double-edged weapon that may surprise even seasoned opponents.

Speed AP 4, THC Bonus 3%, Passive Chance Bonus 8%
Bronze:5-8, 20%

Iron:6-9, 30%
Steel:7-10, 40%
Blue Steel:8-11, 50%
Meteor Metal:9-12, 60%

112 Handar - A heavy, double-edged Bactrian broadsword with a wide, triangular blade.

The handar is one of the most powerful one-handed weapons, built for slow, but devastating attacks.

Speed AP 5
Bronze:7-10, 50%

Iron:8-11, 60%
Steel:9-12, 70%
Blue Steel:10-13, 80%
Meteor Metal:11-14, 90%

113 Shamshir - A single-edged, deeply curved sword with a slim blade.

While the shamshir is more suitable for cutting and slashing attacks, it's more than capable of delivering rising, descending, and hooking thrusts.

Speed AP 5, Passive Chance Bonus 12%
Bronze:7-10, 35%

Iron:8-11, 45%
Steel:9-12, 55%
Blue Steel:10-13, 65%
Meteor Metal:11-14, 75%

114 Scimitar - A two-handed, heavy Ashkaanian sword with an oversized, curved, single-edged blade designed to mow through anything that stands in front of you.

The weight adds impressive power to the strike, but makes the sword more difficult to control.

Speed AP 6, Counterattack Chance Bonus 5%
Bronze:9-12, 60%

Iron:10-13, 70%
Steel:11-14, 80%
Blue Steel:12-15, 90%
Meteor Metal:13-16, 100%


Unique Swords[ | ]

dlgAddItemlist() Description Common Stats Material: Damage, Hardness Image
not listed Lion's Claw - It’s a very old shamshir forged from the patterned blue steel. The blade has seen plenty of use – it’s covered with nicks and scratches, but the edge is still keen and the balance is flawless. The maker’s mark is a lion’s claw, which is what gave the sword its name.

Similar to shamshir
Values need verification

  • Value: ?? coins
  • Weight: 3.4 lb

How to get?

Speed AP 5, Passive chance bonus 40%
Blue Steel:10-13, 65%
Lion's Claw
not listed The Bringer of Storms - The origin of this sword is lost in antiquity. Some say that it was forged to slay the demons unleased by the Qantari, others say that it'sa cursed blade that consumes the very souls of those it slays. The wide blade is well balanced and has a nearly flawless thick edge, free of nicks and dents despite its age.

Similar to a handar

  • Value: 680 coins
  • Weight: 3.4 lb

How to get?

Speed AP 5, THC bonus 8%
Steel:9-12, 95%
The Bringer of Storms
Unique_Dreamweaver Dreamweaver - Forged by Cattullus of Asmara, considered by many to be one of the greatest sword makers, this blue steel gladius has a narrower blade with parallel cutting edges and a triangular tip. Unfortunately, master Cattulus was killed during the siege of the city, which makes this sword one of a kind.

How to get?

Speed AP 4, THC Bonus 23%
Blue Steel:8-11, 60%

Lost Technology Swords[ | ]

dlgAddItem() Description Common Stats Material: Damage, Hardness Image
118 The Chopper - A makeshift sword fashioned from an ancient metal cutter. It's too heavy to be wielded in one hand, but it does have superior armor penetration.

How to get?

Speed AP 6


Ancient Metal Cutter:11-14, 130%
The Chopper in hand
119 Qantari Sword - A flat wooden club with evenly spaced blue steel inserts running on both sides. You can probably use it as a sword.
  • Two-handed
  • Weight 7.0 lb
  • Value 500 coins

How to get?

Speed AP 6, THC bonus 10%, Counterattack chance bonus 20%
[Wood+Blue Steel]:Damage: 12-15, Hardness 60% Qantari Weapons

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