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Taking Care Of Business is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.


Forty Thieves Quest for Thief


Quick Walktrough[]

  1. Talk to Cado in Teron`s Tavern
    • Talk to Guard to learn about Flavius Debt
    1. Go Palace gate and ask to talk to Flavius
    2. Flavius will tell you about house Persuasion+Streetwise=[4], Streetwise:[3]
    3. Go inside house Lockpick:[3],Dexterity:[8],[Sneak]:[3]
    4. Take money from well Intelligence:[7]
  2. Go to gate Guards
    • Pay to the guards 100 imperials (with 3 trading check 50 imperials), so they will "look away" on smuggled goods
    • Forge the Imperial Guard documents with Intelligence:[7] and [Lore]]:[3] (talk to Feng and Cado to do it)
    • Steal the Imperial Guard documents with Impersonate + Steal = 6
  3. Report to Cado

Detailed Walktrough[]

  1. Report to Cado for more work when you are ready

Next Quest in Chain[]

Linos' Gold

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