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Teron is one of the three main population centers in The Age of Decadence.

Teron Map

Teron Map

Lore[ | ]

Teron - a small, crumbling town far away from the main tracks of travelers and caravans. It's been dying for the last hundred years or so, kept alive only by the combined efforts of its inhabitants. Broken stonework has been replaced by makeshift wooden construction, creating the impression that a new town is slowly emerging from the ruins of the old one.

Much like Teron, the Noble House controlling the town has seen better days. Before the war that toppled the Empire and the devastation that ensured, House Daratan was one of the most powerful Houses, but that was then and times have changed. Today, it barely has enough strength to maintain its hold over the local guilds.

Locations[ | ]

Teron Palace[ | ]

Palace of House Daratan, starting location for the Praetor background.

Patricians' Quarters[ | ]

Area for the ruling class families.
Resident Nobles:

The Imperial Forum[ | ]

Where people meet to discuss issues.

The Main Street[ | ]

Where the plebeians live and work.

Gate[ | ]

  • Teron Gate - Aemolas is met here.
  • Shanty Town - Housing squatters who want the protection of Teron, but cannot afford to live inside it.
    • Kebab seller
      • Quest triggers when you have 200g
      • Bows:[4], Crossbows:[4] or Throwing:[4] to kill him from the distance
      • Dexterity:[8] to catch up with him
        • Guard demands need for witness
          • Body count:[10] or less to intimidate the guard, awards 2 SP
          • Praetor or Thief Background to scare the guard, awards 2 SP
          • Assassin Background and Critical Strike:[4] allows to kill the guard instantly, awards 2 SP
          • Attack guard
          • "Fuck it." Leave
            • Killing the guard will cause a group of guards later to stop the player in the city and demand blood money (200 imperials)
      • He probably needs the money more than you. Don't chase

Alchemy reagents[ | ]

  • Avatera Sprouts - 4 (Alchemy 3)(between Commercium building and outer wall)
  • Blood Mushroom - 3 (Alchemy 2)(between Barracks and corner of Teron's walls)(some workers are here in Act I)
  • Blood Mushroom - 2 (Alchemy 2)(besides Graveyard)
  • Cassava root - 4 (Alchemy 2)(between Merchants Square and Thessalos' residence)
  • Cassava root - 4 (Alchemy 2)(end of Shanty town)
  • Emoryl Root - 3 (Alchemy 3) (between Thessalos' residence and outer wall)
  • Fennah Berries - 2 (Alchemy 3)(North East of the forum, between the pillar and the well)
  • Kadura leaves - 3 (Alchemy 2)(near Healer)
  • Golden Berries - 3 (Alchemy 3)(corner of outer wall near to Tavern)

Gallery[ | ]