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The Alliance is one of the quests for Praetor background in The Age of Decadence.

This quest is triggered after player talks to Domitius in Maadoran and did not attack the guards that visited his room. If player killed the guards, this quest is not avalaible but they may choose to swear fealty to Gaelius and House Aurelian instead.

Lore[ | ]

Talk to Lord Serenas or one of his advisors: Lady Lorenza, Lord Senna or Master Strabos.

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lorenza
  2. Talk to Senna
  3. Talk to Strabos
  4. Talk to Serenas

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lorenza
    • She offers to help if you kill Senna
    • If you kill him for her, talk to her again to gain her favor
  2. Talk to Senna
    1. He doesn't want to help you
    2. If you attack him, you will start combat against 3 guards
    3. There is a chest in his house that contains Blue Steel Gladius (requires Lockpick:[5])
    4. Some time later if you return to Palace District, you will be stopped by Praetor of House Aurelian. If you choose wrong answers in the conversation, you will get expelled from the Maadoran
  3. Talk to Strabos
    • He offers to help if you convince Serenas to grand him a noble title
  4. Talk to Serenas
    • If you didn't get help from any of the advisors:
      1. Etiquette:[3], Offer him gift of 2000 imperials to make peace with House Daratan
      2. Streetwise:[3], "If only you had more enemies then. Your treasury would never run dry."
        • Etiquette+Streetwise=[8], "I would caution you against relying on your advisors too much."
        • Etiquette+Persuasion=[8], "Your advisors are there to advise you when you need it, not to make decisions for you."
      3. Etiquette:[4]+Intelligence:[7], "Lord Antidas will be overjoyed..."
    • If you offered to help Strabos, Serenas automatically grants your request. You may also keep your part of the deal and ask Serenas to grant Strabos a lordship:
      • Etiquette+Streetwise=[7], "It's one of the Empires' oldest traditions..."
        • Streetwise:[4], "Of course, they do, my Lord."
        • If you fail, Streetwise:[4], "It's kept secret and for a good reason."
      • Etiquette+Persuasion=[7], "Because he serves you now and represents your interests."
        • Etiquette:[4], "It's the lesser evil, my Lord."
        • If you fail, Persuasion:[4], "Because you need their support."
      • Streetwise+Trading=[6], "Because it’s cheaper than rewarding him in different ways."
        • Persuasion:[4], "Have you seen the impoverished noble-born who have nothing left but the title?"

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