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The Aurelian Spies is one of the quests for those who join the Boatmen of Styx.

You are standing outside the house Neleos sent you to. Everything seems quiet.

Rewards[ | ]

  • 15 SP
  • 100 Imperials for handing in report (optional)
  • 80-120 Imperials for killing two to three spies (optional)
  • Boatmen of Styx Reputation +1/-1 (optional)
  • Boatmen of Styx Reputation +1/-1 (optional)
  • Word of Honor +1/-1 (optional)

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. The spies are in a house near the gate, on the left side. When you enter, one is laying on a bed with the other comforting him.
    • Kill them: Begin combat with you at door.
    • Approach them: Begin dialogue.
      • Kill them: Begin combat near the bed, in melee range.
      • (Streetwise)
        • Failure: The 'sick' man stabs you in the gut. Begin combat with you "Wounded", in melee range.
        • [2] : Realize the setup is off. Begin combat in melee range.
      • Leave them and return to Nelos.
  2. A third spy enters the round after you kill the first two. "I work for House Aurelian. Help me and the most powerful House will be in your debt. Kill me and you'll get a few hundred coins at most."
  3. Loot bodies:
  4. [perception]Search the house for the documents.
    • (Perception):[8] Success: Finds documents; Gain 24 GP
    • (Steal):[3] Success: Finds documents; Gain 24 GP
  5. Report to Neleos
    • If [PC] did not kill the spies, he/she learned a lesson. Streetwise +1.
    • Neleos notices your bandages and directs you to spend time with Agatai. Critical Strike +1.

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