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The Black Widow is one of the quests for those who join the Boatmen of Styx.

Lore[ | ]

Talk to Darista when you're ready to go.

Rewards[ | ]

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Darista
  2. Enter Lorenza's villa
  3. Talk To Lorenza
  4. Go back to Darista

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Darista
  2. Enter Lorenza's villa
    • Approach
      • Critical Strike Show them their mistake
        • [6]+Dexterity:[8], you kill both guards
        • [4], you kill one of the guards
      • Streetwise "The Boatmen took the contract. They will be here soon, so be on guard. Make sure that nobody gets through. Now, open the door, I have an urgent message for lady Lorenza."
        • [5], Success
        • Failure - "You can give your message to me" says one of the guards, "and I’ll make sure it gets delivered without delay"
          • Critical Strike Take them out - for results, see previous Critical Strike branch
    • Sneak Get past the guards and climb onto the roof
      • [5], Success
      • Failure - you fight two guards
  3. Talk To Lorenza
    • Lorenza will offer you a deal
      • "Money? How much?"
        • She offers you 10 000 imperials for killing Darista
      • "Power!"
      • "The forbidden knowledge?"
      • "Your life."
        • You fight against Lady Lorenza and three Ladies, all are armed with daggers coated in poison
  4. Go back to Darista
    • If you struck a deal with Levir in Antidas' Hoard quest, on your way back after killing Lorenza you will be intercepted by his agent
    • If you accepted Lorenza's offer you will fight her

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

  • Quest Chain: AG5
  • Quest_AG5_01.xml
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  • Quest_AG5_03.xml

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