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The Conspiracy the sixth quest for the Commercium .

Strabos wants to replace Lord Gaelius with a weaker and more agreeable lord. Talk to the influential citizens: Lady Lorenza, Lord Senna, and Legatus Pavola, and enlist their support.


Quick Walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to to Strabos in Merchants Plaza to get the quest.
  2. Secure support of important members
  3. Then finish by talking again to Strabos in Merchants Plaza.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Lord Senna

Lord Senna conversation[]

Possible checks on: Etiquette; Intelligence; Streetwise; Charisma; Persuasion.

  1. Greetings
    • (hidden) [Etiquette] <= [5] check, "Since Lord Gaelius doesn't have a heir..."
    • [Intelligence] + [Streetwise]
  2. "Which candidate do you support, my lord?"
  3. [Charisma] = [9], "Very true, mistakes can be costly." (if you fail this test the conversation will continue)
    • Success
      • "I'm only looking for what's best for the city, my lord."
      • (hidden) [Etiquette] <= [5] check, [Persuasion] <= [8], "I'm only looking for what's best for the city, my lord..."
    • Failure
  4. [Etiquette + Streetwise] <= [10], "How fortunate that I'm not sharing my thoughts with a lesser man then..."
    • (hidden) [Etiquette] <= [5] check, [Persuasion] <= [8], "I'm only looking for what's best..."
    • (hidden) [Etiquette] <= [5] check, [Persuasion] = [5], "Why the candidate of course..."

Lady Lorenza

Lady Lorenza conversation[]

Checks on: Etiquette; Lore.

  1. Optional [Etiquette] <= [5] check
  2. [Lore] <= [4]
  3. Lorenza lay out the options
    • "I'm afraid so. What should I tell my master?"
    • "To quote someone experience in Maadoran politics, what will I be getting out of this?"
    • "Serenas is nothing but a puppet. Without someone pulling his strings, he just might crumble into a heap."
    • [Persuasion + Trading = 13] (12-14 depending on answers in previous questions), "You have two options here..."

You can also gain her support by agreeing in supporting her own conspiracy against Strabos/Commercium full control. Note that this does not remove you from the Commercium, nor does it appear to lose you rep, at least immediately (possible that you get "less" rep at end of Maadoran Merchant questline). Siding with Lady Lorenza leads to 1 of 3 benefits: 1. Access to Levir's Healing Machine (after fighting him + 2 guards, medium fight); or 2. Large amount of gold (10,000?); or 3. Her "influence" - unclear effect.

Legatus Pavola

Legatus Pavola conversation[]

Possible checks on: Persuasion; Charisma; Trading; Streetwise.

  1. [Persuasion] <= [8] or [Charisma] <= [8]
    • [Persuasion] + [Trading] <= [12], "We want what you want..."
    • [Streetwise] + [Charisma] = [15], "After what happened in Teron?..."

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[]

  1. This must be the impatience of youth I've heard so much about,“ says Lorenza with a tolerant smile. I’ll be honest with you, "Charname". As much as I despise Gaelius, I despise the idea of “lord” Strabos pulling Serenas’ strings even more. Am I alone in such concerns?
    1. Persuasion+Trading = [12]

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