The Age of Decadence Wiki

Lore[ | ]

Some zealots are looking for a man called Elias. Something to keep in mind.

Quest[ | ]

Quest related to the NPC Elias.
The quest is automatically triggered when you pass by the first staircase after you enter Ganezzar, as you are inquired by a zealot if you have seen Elias. He is located in the building next to the red haired mercenary, near the entrance of the city. Go up the ladder on the building next to him and enter the room just to find him being attacked by three zealots.

Save him and...

you will escort him out of the city. Meantime, he you point you to Lord Darganus and trigger the quest Noblesse Oblige.

Allow him to be killed and...

the zealot Tycho will point you to Hector and trigger the quest Power To The People.

Expiry period[ | ]

He will not be available after the conclusion of Breaking The Siege.