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rare sapphire

The Gem is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.


Nasir asked you to see Silvanus about a rare sapphire. You can find him in the Palace District.


When entering his shop, he will offer 1000 gold to you get a gem from Silvanus, who lives in a Rich Villa at the Noble Homes district. If you accept the quest, you can obtain the gem in the following manners:

  • You can invade his house
    • First check is [Dexterity]:7
      • Second check is [Sneak]:5; If you fail, you'll not be able to attempt again
    • The encounter with the guard is a choice between killing him and sneaking
      • [Critical]:4 is not enough to take out the guard
      • [Sneak]:5 gets you past the guard
    • The chest requires [Lockpick]:5; If you fail, you can attempt again.
  • You can talk to him and intimidate him to give the gem to you [Body Count] or [Impersonate]. This option is closed off after you visit Ganezzar for the first time.
  • Being a House Aurelian Praetor works as well (Forty Thieves reputation decreased this way).

If none of these work, you will have to fight against 4 men to get it. One of them is Bassar, the right hand of the local thieves' guild. During the battle you can enter one of the rooms to narrow down the number of attackers that can get you at the same time. After killing them, you will get a key from Silvanus' body and go upstairs to retrieve the gem. If you give the gem to Nasir, you will receive 1000 gold and 6 skill points.

Because you killed an important member from the thieves' guild, you will be ambushed by 5 well armed guys in your next passage by The Slums. Moreover, you won't be able to access Maadoran The Temple anymore.


Quest Item[]

Yellow Sapphire

Note that the Yellow Sapphire can be used to repair the bridge at the Dead River, just like the The Eye of Thor-Agoth.


Report to Nasir[]

  • 1000 gold
  • +6 skill points