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The Loose Ends is the fourth quest for the Commercium.

The Imperial Guards can't be allowed to rebuild. Convince the remaining guards to join House Daratan or convince Antidas to finish them off.

Possible Rewards[ | ]

This point onwards contain spoilers.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

This point onwards contain major spoilers.

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

  • Talk Mercato around
    • Show the evidence you got from Cado
      1. no checks with Mercato
      2. Convince Linos that you are not responsible for his gold being stolen
        • (hidden check) Intelligence:[7]
        • If you lack enough Intelligence or fail the hidden checks, you will be expelled from the guild and then fight against two Commercium guards
          • If you survive, you will be then stopped by a Daratan Captain and five guards who will demand that you leave Teron immediately and not come back
    • [persuasion][streetwise] "I expect you to be able to put two and two together. Teron is too important, especially after this fiasco. Is it so hard for you to believe that Caer-Tor would want their best men to oversee the rebuilding and demonstrate the Guards' strength?"
      1. Persuasion + Streetwise = [11]
      2. Streetwise + Charisma = [15]
    • [persuasion][trading] "Listen to me, Mercato. You got lucky. Carrinas ended up dead and you ended up on top, but now you want to quit the game. You're thinking like a farmer who finds a plough, being eager to break his back working his fields. Think like a merchant. Ask yourself 'what can I get for this plough' and leave the fields to simpler men."
      1. Persuasion + Trading = [11]
      2. Persuasion + Charisma = [15]
    • Threaten Mercato
      1. no checks
  • Talk to Antidas at Teron Palace, to finish them off

Rewards[ | ]

Meeting Mercato at Teron Barracks[ | ]

Resolution with Antidas[ | ]

Common rewards:

Choice rewards:

If you had signed a contract with Cado in the events of "A Matter Of Proof"[ | ]

  • Commercium reputation - instead of the above adjustment, it will be -2 instead
  • Linos offers no training

Next Quest in Chain[ | ]

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