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Disambig This article is about the quest The Raiders. For the group, see Raiders.

The Raiders is one of the quests in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

Tiberius, a nephew of Lord Antidas was captured by the raiders. Dellar had tasked you to save him.

Possible Rewards[ | ]

If you let Esbenus live, then he will appear at The Arch and charge you 1000 gold (500 with Trading) to let you interact with it.

Quick Walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Visit The Bandit Camp
  2. Talk to Esbenus at Bandit Camp
  3. Decide about ransom
    1. Kill ‘em all
    2. Kill Esbenus with Critical strike:[4] and fight other raiders.
    3. Kill Esbenus with Critical strike:[4] and Intimidate
    4. Pay your own 1000 Imperials
    5. Convince Dellar to pay 1000 Imperials
    6. Convince Dellar to pay 500 Imperials
    7. Convince Dellar to pay 700 Imperials to Cado
    8. Convince Dellar to attack raiders
    9. Convince raiders to attack the Aurelian outpost (Trait:Manipulator)
    10. Give tip to free prisoner

Detailed Walkthrough[ | ]

  • You can convince Dellar to pay the ransom of 1000 imperials Persuasion:[3], earn [+1 Peacemaker reputation];
  • You can convince Dellar to pay the ransom of 500 imperials Persuasion+ Trading = [5], if you barter with the raiders for the lower ransom first Trading:[4] and earn [+1 Peacemaker reputation];
  • You can talk to Cado if you are member of Forty Thieves guild. He can deal with the raiders, thus killing them and saving the hostage. You will need either:
    • Pay him 700 imperials
    • Pay him 500 imperials with Trading:[3]
    • Pass Persuasion:[3] check
    • Agree to rob Master Belios' house (Steal:[3] required for this option to unlock)
      1. Robbing the house:
        1. Getting inside
          • Lockpick:[3] the door
          • Lockpick:[3] the window. You will also need Traps:[3] to disarm the trap. With Dodge:[3] you can avoid instant death but you lose 30 HP
        2. Storage room: With Perception:[8] you can find two Quicksilver Roots
        3. Office: Lockpick:[4] the chest to find the goblet
      2. Give the goblet to Cado [+1 Forty Thieves reputation]
  • Visit the camp and give Dellar detailed information, thus granting the rescue success Perception:[7];
  • Let Dellar attempt the rescue without providing any useful information, thus resulting in the death of the hostage and many soldiers;
  • Ask the leader of the bandits to hand the prisoner over Charisma:[8] (this option doesn't actually do anything);

Some things worthy of mention - If you fail in your attempt to kill the leader with a dagger, the raiders will knock you down and kick you. By avoiding the blows your dodge will increase by 5 points, but your Max HP is lowered by 2 points.

- If the hostage is saved by any of the combinations above, you receive [+2 House Daratan reputation], the exception being (1), in which case you earn [+3 House Daratan reputation]. [1]

- To get the 'Manipulator' trait you must not take any hostile action at the mine yourself- killing the guards in front removes the necessary dialogue options from Dellar and Esbenus.

Statistics, Skills and Backgrounds checks[ | ]

  1. "Out of the question. Paying ransom is a sign of weakness and an invitation for more troubles. We can't afford it at the moment."
    1. Persuasion=[4]
    2. Intelligence=[7]
    3. Thief
  2. "I guess we'll have to do it ourselves. You've seen the camp. What can you tell us about it?"
    1. Perception:[7]

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