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The Slums - is a District Area in Maadoran.

Intro[ | ]

You arrive at the infamous Maadoran Slums, greeting only by an oppressive silence settling around you. Filth-clad figures pay you little notice as they paw through refuse piled against dilapidated buildings, yet you can feel hostile eyes watching you from the shadows.

You're keenly aware that even the Guard have long since chalked this place up as a loss. Their patrol routes avoid the squalid maze of collapsed buildings and make-shift shelters. The only authority in here is the Thieves' Guild.

You can just make out their headquarters in the distance - the shattered dome of the High Temple, an everlasting mockery that serves as a reminder of this district's fall from its former grandeur.

Lore[ | ]

A maze-like miles-long district avoided even by guards. It's that proverbial rock-bottom you'll end up at when you make too many wrong choices. Ages ago it was a nice and quiet temple district. Since then the temple was raided and almost destroyed, and what's left of it changed hands many times, until the thieves guild decided to move in, controlling the entire district from there.[1]

Events[ | ]

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Locations[ | ]

Egresses[ | ]

A Well[ | ]

A dirty-looking local

A dirty-looking local

Location: South-west corner

A dirty-looking local cuts a deal with you to enter the well.

"We saw Bassar knifing someone the other night. The man fell right in, so we figured that maybe you know, he had something valuable on him. So, Menes dove right in, but didn't find the body. Instead he found that passage I told you about."

Into the well... [2]

Well Chamber[ | ]

If you made it through the well...

  • Portal

Nero's Drinking Hole & Debt Collection

Nero's Drinking Hole & Debt Collection

Nero's Drinking Hole & Debt Collection[ | ]

NPC: Neros Quest: The Package

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