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The Slums Events details the minor events/quests in The Slums.

Leon[ | ]

  • Location: Immediate upon entering The Slums

"You must be lost," says a man in his fifties, looking at you with interest. "People who don't belong here don't come often, so they always stand out.

"I'm Leon. It's been more than twenty years since I've ended up in the Slums. I thought I wouldn't last a day, yet here I am."

  1. He offers a price of 100 g to be your guide in the Slums. You have a chance to opt out.
  2. An encounter with other robbers [Bums] hint that he's crazy, giving you the chance to skip his company.

Bums[ | ]

  • Location: End of first street

A dirty-looking man pops out of nowhere, blocking your way.

Hermon[ | ]


"I haven't seen you before," says a large, sweaty man who seems to be in charge here. "Who might you be?"

"Well, you're passing through my area like you own it. You didn't ask my permission to enter it, did you? Now we have a problem, all because of your ignorance of our customs. What are you going to do about?"

Mehrab's Blades[ | ]

Mehrab's Blades
  • Location: En-route to Abyss

As you come closer, a man steps out to greet you.

"Welcome to my humble abode." says the man with a smile. "I'm Mehrab, called the Blademaster, and these fierce warriors are Mehrab's Blades. You want to see the Abyss, yes? It's a place of wonder and beauty. You'll love it. I can already tell.

"Pay the fee and you'll be on your way."

  • "How much?"
    • 200 imperials
  • "Out of my way, scum!"
    • Fight five thugs
    • No crafted loot