The Age of Decadence Wiki

The Temple aka Ziggurat is one of the locations in the game The Age of Decadence. Note that once you reach the Temple you will not be able to go back to the world map. Thus, you will have to choose one of the possible endings. This restriction was a choice of the developers to avoid holes in the narrative of the game.

The Temple Interior[]

  • To make the Awakened open the door to the chamber: [Charisma + Persuasion = 16] or [Impersonate + Streetwise = 16?].
  • Door to the tank needs [Lockpick 7]. The chest in this room has 2x Regeneration potion.
  • The 3 Constructs at the elevator can be messed up by [Crafting] or [Traps + Alchemy].

The Temple Chamber[]

  • Destroy the temple using the reactor - needs [Lore] and [Crafting] to operate. Lead to Ending
  • Use Console to open tomb with Agathoth
    • Leave tomb forgotten, lead to Ending
    • Release Agathoth from tomb
      • Get a lord for him, use the elevator, and chose which one.
      • Kill him. lead to Ending, also Medical Canister make Agathoth weak for some turns, and you not able to talk him.