The Age of Decadence Wiki

Background[ | ]

Thessalos is a nobleman that lives near the Palace area in Teron's Patricians' Quarters (house in front of Camilla).

With Loremaster background, he will invite you to see his artifacts. If you have Lore [4] you will evaluate the artifacts and this will unlock a new dialogue with Feng.

Mini-quest[ | ]

You can attempt to break in the house if you have Sneak [4].

  • You will find 3 Bronze Goblets in the kitchen drawer. You will need Sneak [5] to pass by the guards.
  • The dinning table, in the room in front of the kitchen, has 4 Bronze Goblets.
  • You need Lockpick [4] to unlock the door and access two chests.
  • You cannot enter the main hall with the guard - no matter what your Sneak level is