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Background[edit | edit source]

Thessalos is a nobleman that lives near the Palace area in Teron's Patricians' Quarters (house in front of Camilla).

With Loremaster background, he will invite you to see his artifacts. If you have [Lore 4] you will evaluate the artifacts and this will unlock a new dialogue with Feng.

Mini-quest[edit | edit source]

You can attempt to break in the house if you have [Sneak 4].

  • You will find 3 Bronze Goblets in the kitchen drawer. You will need [Sneak 5] to pass by the guards.
  • The dinning table, in the room in front of the kitchen, has 4 Bronze Goblets.
  • You need [Lockpick 4] to unlock the door and access two chests.
    • Both chests have traps and need [Traps 5] to disarm.
      • The one on the left has a one-handed hammer: Marculus (Blue Steel), dmg 8-11, AP 4, Hardness 66%, THC +9%, Passive +12%, upgrades: masterwork, hardened.
      • The one on the right needs [Lockpick 5] to open and has: 2 rubys, 1 emerald, 1 diamond, 400 gold coins.