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Throwing is one of the combat skills in The Age of Decadence.

Often overlooked because they lack power of their mechanically-assisted cousins, throwing weapons make up for their shorter range and power with their greater speed and finesse. A warrior skilled with throwing weapons can literally barrage an opponent with missiles.

See here for a list of throwing weapons.

The skill is also rarely used in text interactions for throwing grappling hooks, such as in stealing from Camilla's house in Teron.

Synergy[ | ]

For each point invested in throwing, you get these attack bonus: 3 for bow; 3 for crossbow.

Skill Level[ | ]

  1. No, it's not the same as dropping the weapon.
  2. Just keep throwing. You're bound to hit something.
  3. You can hit a tree 7 times out of 10.
  4. You're getting better. Any circus would be glad to have you.
  5. You're getting the hang of it. Keep it up and you might become a good knife thrower one day.
  6. Better than average. And still alive. Better drink to that because the ‘still alive’ part might change without notice.
  7. You've become quite deadly with ... well, anything you can throw.
  8. Your invitation to the House of Flying Daggers is in the mail.
  9. You can hit a sparrow in the eye from ten yards. Blindfolded.
  10. You've mastered the fine art of killing people from a safe distance.[1]

Passive[ | ]

For other passives, see Weapons.
% chance to bypass armor.

Level Chance Delta
1 3% n/a
2 7% 4%
3 12% 5%
4 17% 5%
5 23% 6%
6 29% 6%
7 36% 7%
8 43% 7%
9 51% 8%
10 60% 9%

References[ | ]