The Age of Decadence Wiki

This page contains strategy and tactics to help the player survive and thrive while playing The Age of Decadence.

Combat Tips & Tricks[ | ]

  • For a ranged character, throw two Liquid Fire on the ground diagonal from the square you stand on.
    • You will be surrounded by fire and most melee cannot approach you until it goes out.

      Defend yourself as a ranged character using 2 liquid fires.

    • 4 Liquid Fire is required to prevent two handed weapons and spears from reaching you as well.

  • A good defense is a great offense. Sometimes a high Block or Dodge skill can hold up a relatively weak weapon skill. Avoid the damage and fast strike as much as you can!
  • Smaller weapons can switch to your belt slot for 0 AP, use this to throw a Net or Bolas. Can turn an impossible fight into a simple execution.
  • Crafting and Alchemy are powerful skills, allowing a character weak in traditional combat skills to excel in a harsh situation. Up your hit chance on weapons, lower your penalties on armor, or craft powerful explosions or solutions to help you rise above.
  • If you're using a melee weapon, enemies typically won't want to exhaust their AP to approach you without attacking. If you stand near the limit of their movement range, and wait (don't end your turn), they'll stop a few tiles away. This can buy you time for them to die of poison, or you can chip away at them with a hand crossbow (and switch back to the melee weapon afterwards).

Civil Interactions Tips & Tricks[ | ]