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Trading is one of the skills in The Age of Decadence.

The theory and understanding of all commerce matters. More than an art of buying cheap, trading shows its acolytes the power of gold, uncovers hidden opportunities, and teaches that everything has a price.

Each rank improves the amount of money you get from selling items to merchants or decreases prices. The skill is also used in conversation to haggle prices on special items, for each of the inn rooms, and other business or monetary topics.

Feng and Kemnebi can train the player in this skill.

Known trading checks are listed here. Using the skill in conversation usually gives a civil skill point. The required skill may be lower than the listed number:

-Gate to admit Aemolas (3 works)
-Discount at Inn (3 works)
-Negotiate with squatters (used with Streetwise, 3 and 3 works)
-Discount at Inn (4 works)
-Basil negotiate for better reward (4 works)
-Farmer in Merchant quarter for banter (4 works)
-Many of the merchants - most in Merchant, one in Arena - have something for sale at a lower price (5 works)
-Youth near slum entrance for 50/50 (5 works)
-Discount at Inn (4 works)

Effects on prices by Trading Levels[ | ]

Level Sell Buy
L1 15% 125%
L2 20% 125%
L3 25% 120%
L4 30% 120%
L5 35% 115%
L6 45% 115%
L7 55% 110%
L8 65% 110%
L9 75% 105%
L10 90% 100%