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This is the first quest for the Praetor Background in The Age of Decadence. Like all the other Vignettes, it is a mostly-linear sequence of events that places a certain map into the hands of the player-character; unlike all the others, it concludes with that map in the hands of Antidas.

Brief[ | ]

Lord Antidas requires your services. You're his only hope.

Quick walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lord Antidas
  2. Talk to Dellar
  3. Talk to Linos
    • (Optional) Deal with Zenon
  4. Return to Antidas

Detailed walkthrough[ | ]

  1. Talk to Lord Antidas.
    • Etiquette (2): You may request armor; if you do, Antidas replies "Talk to Dellar", and in the next scene you will be wearing your very own suit of fancy, heavy bronze!
  2. Talk to Linos:
    • Intelligence (7): You may demand access to the real culprit:
      • Streetwise (2): Linos grants you a private moment with Zenon:
        • Spare Zenon, or kill him?
          • If you spare him, you make one of two demands: money or "surprise me."
  3. Return to Lord Antidas; you are rewarded according to your efforts.
  4. Talk to Dellar.

Rewards[ | ]

  • Bronze Praetorian Armor (if you requested it; see step 1)
  • 15 General SP
  • if you didn't make a fuss, and let Linos handle the thing: 150g
  • 1 Civil SP if you made a fuss
  • if you spared Zenon, or never saw him: Ruby Ring
  • if you spared Zenon for money: 312g
  • if you spared Zenon for a "surprise": 1 dose Neurostimulant
  • if you killed Zenon: +5 to Dagger Rating

Next Quest in Chain[ | ]

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