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Void dwellers are otherworldly, immortal form of life. Humans called them as the Elder Gods (aka Tngri in Ordu, aka Yazatas - "worthy of worship").[1]

Lore[edit | edit source]

They are known for being summoned by the Magi during The Great War. Qantari made contact with void dwellers in the first place, but couldn’t quite figure out how to bring them to this world, from their own. So Qantari requested the Old Empire for help in bringing their gods from the other planes to this one. The Order of Magi headed by Abu Hassan Ibn Hadad al-Sarabi, the First of the Magi, in their seek for knowledge and arcane secrets helped them by constructing a city named Al-Akia around an ancient pyramid. Imperial Senate assigned Legatus Quintus Valerius Corvus to oversee the project, who made it work by replacing the charcoaled erstwhile champions with his three soldiers. The Magi bounded void dwellers to their will with the "wards" by conducting the "Gift" ritual. The Magus Marcus Domitius Crassus, the master of Zamedy Tower, has designed these wards.

In their boundless arrogance the Magi believed they had created Gods, when they merely made flesh that which was divine. The Qantari managed to unravel the binding, which led to the Great War. At great cost, the Magi, and Imperial Army and Fleet managed to banish these beings from this world, thus ending the war. But the Old Empire fell, and the Order of Magi along with it.

Members[edit | edit source]

Qantari Demons

  1. Balzaar
    • Chief of the Demons, a living "god", vengeful and mighty, "the first to be welcomed, the first to bite the hand that fed him".
  2. Ynghaanshungge
    • Most probably the greatest Ordu warrior Bolad became a vessel for Ynghaanshungge (aka Yuan-Shagga, aka Shuun-ae the Shining-Serpent). He was killed by Ordu during the War alongside with many Qantari. 4 Ordu's tumens (10,000 men each) out of 17 perished that day.
  3. Xenorath
    • Xenorath (aka Ull-Xerath) - he rose from the deeps of the sea and slaughtered over a thousand soldiers before the Magi forced him to retreat. Then he most probably had been ambushed and killed by a squad of Imperial Army fusiliers.
  4. Accursed One - He Who Favors Things That Are Dead

Empire Gods

  1. Agathoth
    • Agathoth (aka Thor-Agoth the Artificer, aka Thoragoth, aka Tor-Agathoth, aka Tor-Agoth, aka Tor-Athagoth) - he rebelled against Balzaar and sided with the Empire against Qantari.
  2. Athazor
    • Imperial Army soldier Galath became a vessel for Athazor (aka Gla'ath-Zor the Dreamer, aka Galath-Athazor). He could shape reality with his thoughts. Athazor returned to the void, so Galath gone mad and is sleeping under the bottom of the Abyss in Maadoran. PC may kill him, and gaining the Mind Shield ability.
  3. Bar-Hathor
    • Hassatur became a vessel for Bar-Hathor the Flamewalker. He could make fire flow like water. His vessel was seriously injured twice during the War and now sleeping in the Mountain Monastery's sacred chamber beyond the Titan’s Gate, locked for eternity.

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