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Xenorath was one of the otherworldly beings involved in The Great War. Commonly counted among the Qantari Demons. Other names: Ull-Xerath.

Lore[ | ]

He rose from the deeps of the sea and slaughtered over a thousand soldiers before the Magi forced him to retreat. Then he most probably had been ambushed and killed by a squad of Imperial Army fusiliers.


"I noticed the first change, subtle yet alarming, today. The one we call Xenorath - a fitting name, resembling the coughing sound it made to name itself - has developed a fondness for swimming. The ocean reminds him of the endless void of his native plane."

~ Abu Hassan

 on Xenorath

"It was the first time I had seen one in person. When the Trierarch first told us that we were going to bag one of the Qantari devils, we cheered. The tides of war were about to turn and we would all live to see it. The first of them had been ambushed and killed less than a month before, and after all if a squad of fusiliers could do it, how hard could it be? What living thing can survive Hellfyre?

~ Unnamed crew of Pax Imperium

 on killing of Qantari Devils, Xenorath was mentioned


"Many accounts describe the four Qantari Gods as terrifying beast-like creatures. For example, there are several different accounts of the battle of Estios all claiming the same thing: Ull-Xerath rose from the deep and attacked the legions of General Kesion, slaughtering over a thousand soldiers before the magi forced him to retreat."

~ Cassius

 on Qantari Gods, Xenorath was mentioned