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Zagros was Arena champion in the past. Forged himself his own armor.

Special? You've heard about Zagros the Mad? No? He was the best gladiator I've seen. He was quick as lightning and about as merciful. He was captured in battle and sent to this arena to die for his sins.

Zagros refused to die and killed everyone they sent against him. Hacked them to pieces like a madman, hence the name. Eventually, he was pardoned and given freedom, but he had nothing to go back to, so he stayed at the arena. Forged himself his own armor, murmillo-style, and kept on fighting. He wore the mantle of the champion for nine years, which has got to be some kind of record.

He got old. Lost some of his famous speed and paid for it with his life. He was challenged by three brothers. The only name I remember is Ronan for he was the one who killed Zagros ran him through with his spear.

In his prime Zagros would have torn them apart with his bare hands, but he was no longer in his prime. He should have never agreed to this fight, not one against three, but he wasn't the type to back down from a challenge.

Zagros' Armor Set
I do, nods the trader. His helmet and the armguard. Forged from the finest iron ore, as good as any steel. I won't sell them separately, so don't ask, but I'll give you a good price - 1200 imperials for the pair

Arena Trader of Maadoran