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Disambig.png This article is about the location Zamedi. For the quest, see The Tower Of Zamedi.
Ruins of Zamedi

Ruins of Zamedi

Zamedi - once the second largest city, now ruins on the desert. One of the locations you could visit in The Age of Decadence.


You're standing among the ruins of the town of Zamedi. Not much is left of it - a few broken columns and wall fragments sticking out from the sand like graveyard stones, and of course, the tower - a relic from another age. Once a beacon of arcane knowledge, now a desert lighthouse warning caravan masters to stay clear of this area.

Learning the Location[]

An invisible barrier prevents you from entry



Entering Zamedi[]

  • Warning: This point onward contains spoilers!
  • Information that requires checks will be stored in the relevant quest. - The Tower Of Zamedi

The Tower Interior[]


Upper level[]

  • You can find the Mysterious artefact on a table and some alchemy components in a chest.
  • Go by the stairs to reach the top console.

Top floor

Top floor[]

  • Console
  • Portal controls
  • Portal


You can find some boxes on the left corner of the basement.