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Disambig This article is about the location Zamedi. For the quest, see The Tower Of Zamedi.
Ruins of Zamedi

Ruins of Zamedi

Zamedi - once the second largest city, now ruins on the desert. One of the locations you could visit in The Age of Decadence.

Lore[ | ]

You're standing among the ruins of the town of Zamedi. Not much is left of it - a few broken columns and wall fragments sticking out from the sand like graveyard stones, and of course, the tower - a relic from another age. Once a beacon of arcane knowledge, now a desert lighthouse warning caravan masters to stay clear of this area.

Learning the Location[ | ]


An invisible barrier prevents you from entry

Outside[ | ]

NPC[ | ]

Entering Zamedi[ | ]

  • Warning: This point onward contains spoilers!
  • Information that requires checks will be stored in the relevant quest. - The Tower Of Zamedi

The Tower Interior[ | ]

Ground[ | ]

Upper level[ | ]

  • You can find the Mysterious artefact on a table and some alchemy components in a chest.
  • Go by the stairs to reach the top console.
Zamedi Top Floor

Top floor

Top floor[ | ]

  • Console
  • Portal controls
  • Portal

Basement[ | ]

You can find some boxes on the left corner of the basement.

Gallery[ | ]